Yoga Styles  

(Classes are 60-75 minutes)

Beginner Yoga

Deep Stretch

Gentle Flow

Partner Yoga


Surfer Yoga

Sexy Flexy Yoga

Yin and Reiki Yoga


Cacao and Fire Ceremony for Heart Opening Transformation (2 hours)

Enjoy a heart-centered, healing yoga practice with this sacred, plant-based medicine. The Cacao Ceremony will combine ancient Central American traditions with yogic meditation for a journey inward to universal love. We will drink the Elixir of the Gods to release what no longer serves us and seek our truest intentions. We'll continue to journey through the heart with gentle yoga and meditation. We'll then call on the energy of fire, element of change and transformation, to ignite our personal power to manifest our deepest desires.

Chakra Cleansing Yoga (2 hours)

Begin with a relaxing meditation journeying inward through the 7 chakras to connect with yourself and identify the areas of your life that need healing. We'll then balance the chakras through Yin Yoga and Reiki to restore energy flow through the body. A special sound healing Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) will leave you feeling soothed and refreshed.

Life Design Yoga (2-3 hours

Life Design Strategy (2 hours)

Straight to business! This workshop is designed for a business and organization audience. Great for team building retreats and personal development. We briefly reflect inward for intention setting and then move directly into strategic life planning for success in work, career, money and love.  Leave with an actionable plan for improving your life and attaining your goals to live your happiest.

Rock Your Body Confidence (2 hours)

This workshop is designed specifically for women with body confidence issues. Learn how to feel beautiful with the body you have today. Every woman should feel the freedom of body confidence. Body confidence builds over time, so you will begin your journey on the mat and leave with self love practices you can continue to use daily to support your journey. We'll have a little fun as well with sexy movement and yoga postures! 

Yoga Philosophy for Self Care (2 hours)

The focus of this workshop is on learning and understanding yoga philosophy in a practical way you can use everyday. Take your yoga journey further, experiencing the 8 limbs of yoga with a focus on self-care and self love. Learn the power of mantra, meditation, breathwork and other mindfulness techniques that are often unavailable in a traditional one-hour yoga class. We'll move through a gentle Hatha Yoga practice and finish with a soothing Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) with sound healing. This workshop will launch you further into a deeper, more meaningful yoga practice.