Sirenas Mexico Mermaid Experience

Become a real life mermaid!

Sirenas Mexico offers this exclusive service in Sayulita, Nayarit, Jalisco and all of Mexico.

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We will create a custom mermaiding experience for you!

About the mermaiding experience:

  • Enjoy taking your picture in a mermaid tail in the beautiful Mexican tropical waters or in the comfort of your private pool.

  • Be a mermaid on land, in a pool or in a shallow and calm area of the ocean. For advanced swimmers, a sailboat or panga can be taken out to beautiful snorkeling areas.

  • Discover monofin swimming, one of the training tools used by top swim athletes. Monofin training engages all of the muscles through the legs and the core.

  • Learn basic apnea techniques, which involves breathwork used by freedivers, to enhance your underwater endurance.

We have three size offerings, small, medium and large, so you can enjoy the sensation of being a beautiful sirena in tropical Mexico. Monofins fit most.

No swimming experience necessary for shore mermaids. Swimming mermaids should be confident swimmers.

Meet the Mermaids of Sirenas Mexico

We are real life mermaids who are local guides to the beautiful waters of Sayulita and surrounding areas of Nayarit and Jalisco. Natacha is an experienced water woman and surf instructor with Chel is a surfer, yoga teacher and professional dancer with Together we bring you more than 20 years of movement and fitness experience as well as 11 years of being in the local community. We are ambassadors for ocean conservation, free divers, sea dancers and entertainers.

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