for private parties + gatherings

Share good vibes with friends and family with your own private yoga class.

Chel offers various styles of yoga and meditation classes for you to schedule in your home, vacation home, or right on the beach in Sayulita! Yoga is perfect for family and friends gatherings, as it's something everyone can enjoy. Brides, consider a relaxing and calming yoga class before your big day. 

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Private yoga offered on the beach or in your Sayulita vacation home.

Perfect for weddings and events.

Choose your style! 

Chel offers many styles of yoga from gentle to power vinyasa, yoga for surfers, partner yoga, bridal party yoga or an hour of meditation and relaxation. For the ultimate indulgence, add on Reiki session. Yoga how you want it, and Chel has tons of unique ideas!

Private group classes $100/hour for up to 8 people (then $15, per additional person). 

Consider starting your day with a morning yoga session on the beach! Or wind down your day with relaxing candlelight yoga! We'll meet you at your chosen location with mats, if needed! 

Yoga personal training $50 (max 1-2 people). 

Special: book three personal training privates for $120

Individual training sessions are great for beginners who want to work on proper alignment and positions or more intermediate students looking to develop a personal practice or achieve a unique health and fitness goal. Personal yoga training is also recommended for individuals who have special needs, such as health concerns or injuries (only if cleared by a doctor to begin an exercise program) that make it difficult to learn in a group environment. For example, special sequences can be developed for students with wrist, knee, back or neck concerns and gentle chair yoga is available for students who need more stability or to build balance strength. 

Looking to add yoga to your next Sayulita Retreat? 

Chel can help you design daily retreat classes that make your retreat uniquely special and relaxing.