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Hello, I’m Chel.

“Gypsea BombChel”


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I believe we all have the power within us to enjoy good health, happiness and prosperity. We do so through treating our bodies well, practicing mindfulness and compassion and embracing creativity and play! Dancing frees me. Yoga quiets my mind.  Travel fills me with wonder!

I’m a former corporate marketing executive turned mermaid. I once spent my days writing speeches and blog posts for Fortune 500 CEOs and managing public relations campaigns. By embracing minimalism, living simply, and working hard, I’ve transitioned from business suits to bikinis, spending most of my days surfing in the tropics.

Growing up, I never was a gymnast or extreme athlete. But in my late 20's I found a passion for pole dancing and yoga that has led me to living a life I never dreamed. In 2014, this once very self-conscious girl began performing hoop, fire and pole dance on stage in San Diego as "Gypsea BombChel." I now share what I have learned teaching classes and workshops for yoga, pole dance and hoop dance. I want to share with others these healing art forms of self expression and play!

I've trained all over the world while traveling solo, meditating Nepal and visiting temples in Southeast Asia and hoop dancing on magical islands of Bali, Malaysia and Thailand! I've learned circus arts from some of the world's best hoopers while living and performing in San Diego. I've also learned a great deal about compassion by volunteering with orphans and underprivileged kids in Sri Lanka, Peru and Mexico.

I'm living my dream, which is to help people by sharing my passions via teaching, performing and writing - all while living in beautiful beach towns, surfing and traveling. I can help you to achieve your dreams too!

I am a 500-hour Yoga Alliance certified instructor and Reiki level 1 and 2 certified. I'm always seeking new knowledge to improve my performance art and vibrant blend of life experiences.